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Unite 2
21 OCTOBER 2020
Join GPA at our global Virtual Summit, Wednesday October 21st 2020. Starting in APAC, then EMEA, then finally Americas, guests can register to join the session that best fits their availability on the day.
Agenda and Timing
APAC – 1100 SGT               EMEA – 1400 CET               AMERICAS 1000 PDT
Sacha Matulovich has founded and built organizations in the media, telecoms, technology and financial services sectors by employing his Frictioneering premise, build around an understanding that what drives consumers and businesses today is an insatiable demand for frictionless experiences. Whether customer or employee, wherever productivity is hindered, they experience friction.

In this new cloud powered digital world, our most important job is to "create frictionless experiences". To become "Frictioneers"! These first months of COVID have been about reactive response and rapid reinvention, and a tolerance for friction, but as we can now move into an a period where we can invest in a more thoughtful and proactive long term refinement effort, that friction and inefficiency tolerance will rapidly diminish. Sacha will take us through his 3 laws of Frictioneering, and provide a new lens with which to look at the opportunity ahead.
An Opportunity for Office Transformation
Peter Andrew is Executive Director of the Workplace Strategy practice, APAC for CBRE and sits at the forefront of understanding how global enterprise organizations are viewing the road ahead not only in the short term, but in their workplace strategy investments for the years ahead. More organizations are starting to move beyond their initial tactical efforts of cutting costs and solving their immediate COVID-19 problems, and are now looking to a “next normal” reinvention of the office as an opportunity for transformational change and advantage. From trend data collected from CBRE's global customer base, practical observations and predictions, and simply an understanding what's on his desk as far as ideas and priorities this week, Peter will provide a macro view of what he is seeing as the road ahead.
Fact or Fiction, Trend or Distraction
Ira Weinstein is founder and Managing Partner of Recon Research, perhaps the leading research and advisory firm focused specifically on the UC, conferencing, collaboration, ideation, and AV technology space. In our first Unite event, we recognized that there were no experts in this new paradigm, rather it would be our collective journeys and combined experiences that would become the path to thought leadership and innovation. We were inspired by the opportunities for reinvention, yet that brings a new challenge of focus and maximum opportunity for impact. So 4 months later, GPA & Recon have collaborated to prepare a survey specifically for Unite to document your recent journey, and the forward looking priorities in collaboration and workplace technology deployment you are indeed focused on. When aggregated with responses from your peers across the globe, this will allow us to get past individual anecdote and perception, and provide an early picture of the real trends starting to take hold. Ira will present his analysis and observations from the survey itself, while also contrasting them against complementary (or perhaps contradictory) observations across the entire Recon Research market view.
A toolkit for Next Normal Transformation
Brad Sousa, CTO of GPA's US business unit, has sat at the forefront of practical discussions in recent months with some of the largest US based global enterprise customers in their quest to transform their organizations. But while many of those companies have rapidly pivoted to improve the speed with which they can prioritise need and make investment decisions accordingly, this has resulted in an equally significant change in the stakeholders and workflows associated with those decisions. Whether as suppliers, or as portfolio stakeholders within the enterprise, this is changing the approach, and thereby to "toolkit" required in how to present the case for, and in turn enable innovation. The learning and ideas that come from Unite are all for naught if we don't have a path to drive them forward, so Brad will share the foundational concepts that have anchored the most successful and transformative change projects he has witnessed in the past months.


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Peter Andrew
Executive Director, Advisory (Workplace Strategies) - Asia Pacific, CBRE

Peter has a personal ambition to transform work and workplace in Asia. To help create beautiful and functional buildings that drive business performance and enhance the lives of the everyday worker.

Peter leads the CBRE Workplace Strategy Centre of Excellence function in APAC supporting a team of 120 workplace specialists in twelve countries.  Peter is an expert in this field, with more than 25 years’ experience (15 years in Asia).

Peter works at board level with corporations to understand their businesses and develop and implement strategies that improve business performance. His passion and expertise lies with understanding the relationships between culture, behaviour, technology, organisational processes and the creation and use of physical environments – in particular places for work, innovation and learning.

Peter’s current areas of thought leadership are: Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality (how they will impact the way corporations operate; how people work; and the environments that they work in) and bringing sanity and substance to predicting the future of workplaces post COVID-19.

Sacha Round
Sacha Matulovich

Sacha is an entrepreneur and has launched 6 successful companies over the past 15 years. These organisations have grown to become market leaders in media, telecoms, technology and financial services. For Sacha the sweet spot is where technology and creativity intersect, bridging the knowledge gap between people and software.

Brad Sousa
Brad Sousa

Brad is Chief Technology Officer for AVI Systems. As CTO, Brad’s role takes on three core attributes; Executive Leadership, reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors involving executive initiatives and financial performance; strategic planning including AVI’s “go-to-market” strategy and AVI’s practices; and strategic technology planning for AVI’s key customers.

Previously at AVI, Brad’s leadership includes the roles of Regional Vice President and Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Technologies, where his role was to provide strategic technical guidance for AV, Unified Collaboration, and Digital Media for Fortune 50 companies world-wide.

Brad is currently published as a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine and has been a keynote speaker at symposiums and workshops addressing emerging trends in AV and collaboration. Brad has briefed the US State Department, Department of Defense, NNSA and other federal agencies on the topic of classified collaboration and secure communications. Brad pioneered the use of MPEG multicast for statewide and district-wide distance learning applications with notable programs such as Hacienda LaPuente’ USD (three-time recipient of the Smithsonian Award for Technology in Academics). Brad’s thought leadership on the topics of out-come based design has made him a sought-after speaker to many industries and global organizations.

Ira Weinstein
Ira Weinstein
Founder & Managing Partner, Recon Research

Ira M. Weinstein is the founder and managing partner at Recon Research, an independent research, advisory, and consulting firm focused on enterprise communications. Ira is an expert on communication solutions, audio-visual systems, and unified communications (UC) products and services. During his 25+ years in the industry, Ira has authored hundreds of articles and reports on the companies, products, services, trends, and happenings in these markets. Ira is also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, sales kickoffs, and other forums. In addition, Ira spends about one-third of his time supporting global enterprise clients.

Byron Tarry
Byron Tarry

As Managing Director, Byron works directly with and reports to the GPA Board to define and execute upon the Alliance’s strategic goals and objectives in meeting its commitment to excellence in global delivery of collaboration technologies. Byron has been a highly active member of the GPA since its inception in 2008, serving as its elected President from the Board’s inception in 2014 until he joined the organization in a full time capacity as its first Executive Director in 2017. With more than twenty years of experience in the AV industry, Byron has extensive expertise in global partnerships, relationship management and operations for AV/UC solutions. He has also had an active industry leadership presence over the past decade or more with involvement in numerous initiatives and advisory roles within AVIXA (formerly InfoComm) including development of the “AV Best Practices” Black Book, the STEP Rating System, and their Professional Education & Training Committee (PETC).