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Putting your money where your mouth is! New modern workspaces at AV Media Systems.

Contributor Ji?í Plátek.

Modern workspaces where the technological and physical needs of the employees and business are aligned are familiar customer requests in the AV industry.

Sometimes, the customer’s only requirement is to make the space pretty without breaking the bank.

However, when one of our own takes on the challenge for its own office space, the results are astounding.

The GPA office in the Czech Republic, AV Media Systems, started redesigning its locales in 2019. As with most other regions, the Czech Republic spent the better part of the last 24 months in and out of lockdown.

Although the time offered the team an opportunity to update their office space, the process did not come without challenges. 

A series of negotiations, consensus, and compromises – the fundamentals of cooperation ensued. Strategic thinking around the best use of the space available had to address both the internal and external needs of the business. This became central to the decision-making process for all teams involved, including the employees themselves.  

However, creating something “better” sometimes requires sacrifices, like individuals losing their separate offices for the greater good of the entire organization.  

The rearrangement of the space has enabled a beautiful, shared area for all employees. The common space used for socializing has now been transformed into a fantastic hub for customer meetings. 

This new and modern workplace was designed to build the framework for better social interaction, collaboration, and relationship building. Every employee impacted the final design, and the result reflects the cooperation from the team.

“We have all worked together on this modern workspace. Now we look towards the future for better ways of working together. This is a testament to the collaboration within AV Media.” – David Lesch, CEO AV Media

Offices increasingly are becoming meeting places where people share their ideas and work. Reimagining these spaces need to present solutions that work for everyone.

Today, the new AV office, built around the premise of cooperation, is also used as an example for potential customers on the efficient use of space within a modern workspace.

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