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23rd November 2023

GPA is thrilled to share Q-SYS is joining the GPA Global Partner Program.

Q-SYS was one of our original vendor partners to join the initial accredited vendor partner program nearly 10 years ago, and while there was a pause in their formal partner program participation for a few years, have been supportive of GPA’s mission and approach ever since. GPA’s desire to see them re-join the program recognises the significant progress Q-SYS has made in recent years with the Q-SYS Platform, and with the evolution and maturation of their global strategy and related footprint and infrastructure.

byron tarry

Byron Tarry

In commenting on their recommitment to the Global Partner Program, Byron Tarry, GPA CEO notes “While the formal Q-SYS/GPA global relationship took a pause for the last couple of years, the inspiration for me related to the company’s strategic vision around the Q-SYS Platform and Ecosystem certainly remained. In exploring the potential for this recommitment in recent months, it was clear just how far both organizations have progressed in recent years. I am absolutely convinced of the opportunities for innovation, for challenging “better”, and for tangible impact and success that will come as we move forward together.”

The foundational architecture of Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control (AV&C) Platform, is built around a modern, standards-based IT architecture. The flexibility that this robust ecosystem allows for enterprise businesses in their technology deployments is a standout in market.

“We are pleased to once again partner with GPA and share in their vision to deliver exceptional experiences to end users through innovative technology,” says Anna Csontos, EVP, Chief of Staff & Chief Market Officer, Q-SYS. “We look forward to working together to proliferate the Q-SYS Platform and its Ecosystem of third-party partners to mutual customers worldwide.”

Anna Csontos
EVP, Chief of Staff & Chief Market Officer, Q-SYS


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