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Auchan, France



Year of Completion

Size of Project
144 stores across France


project scope

Auchan is a French multinational retail group with its headquarter in Croix, France. Founded in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez the group is owned by the Mulliez Family, with a 95% stake in the company. With 350,000 employees, of which 261,000 have a 5% stake in the organization, Auchan is the 35th largest employer worldwide.

The GPA team in France, Videlio was contacted by the retail giant at the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic.  Since in-person meetings were impossible, Auchan needed a robust communication system across the company’s entire network throughout France.

The solution needed to support shared video content from showrooms to demonstrate new ways to feature products within varying retail spaces, given the retail climate.

the solution

Videlio created a stand-alone studio that enabled Auchan Headquarters to share important content throughout the chain and the solution developed into an efficient and easy plug-and-play bundle.  This gave Auchan a platform to share presentations, data, and videos with the teams across France.

The innovative approach originated through the necessity to simplify and create a communication package for each retail store and provide Auchan with a communication system that was easy to implement for users, reliable, and did not require external assistance.

the results

Videlio had to quickly redesign solutions for its customers during this period that involved new technology applications and creative options for new challenges.

The custom solution for Auchan did not involve deploying complex equipment and was easy to implement by employees.  More importantly, the solution avoided the need for external resources that could potentially compromise COVID 19 safety protocols in place for their retailers.

A seamless solution for Auchan that facilitated the necessary support for its retail outlets during a challenging period.