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ANTA Group, China


ANTA Group

Year of Completion

Size of Project

Entry Hall, 360° Cinema, User Experience Center, Multi-brand Showroom

Jinjiang City, China

project scope

Part of the Anta Group, Anta Sports Products Limited is a leading sportswear company in China that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of sports shoes, apparel, accessories, and sport-relevant products.

The HKEX-listed company’s global strategy is to invest in customer experience by providing an experiential museum at its headquarters in Jinjiang, China.

ANTA tasked the GPA Shanghai team of Beijing Hitevision Intelligent Solutions Co., Ltd. (HVS) to create an experiential site that would integrate a retail store into a museum-type environment.

This ambitious project had to become one of the newest trendy venues in Shanghai.

The installation included s a series of audio-visual systems, such as a projection fusion system, LED large screen displays, LCD ultra-narrow edge splicing screens, security monitoring systems, and a background music system.  The entire structure had to provide a totally immersive and comprehensive experience for visitors.

As the installation was taking place at the height of the pandemic, the project experienced delays due to a shortage of global stock and delivery schedule.  Nevertheless, the project had to be delivered within a tight deadline at an extremely high standard with a significant degree of innovative technology as the project was located at Anta headquarters.

Every detail was paramount in this immersive venue. Adjustments and re-evaluation were constant during the project with coordinating various technical, lighting, and audio vendors partners.

the solution

The project was a concerted effort and would not have been possible without the support of vendor partners such as Crestron, Bose, and Sony, as well as other strategic partners.  They all offered practical solutions and alternative options when presented with technical issues.  Daily meetings and discussions around plans and diagrams were critical to bringing the customer’s project from concept to reality.

Many plans were developed to integrate the various components, devices, and accessories.  For example, HVS replaced traditional projected computers with Virtualization Technology and adopted software-defined audio and Pure IP transmission to replace traditional audio, video hardware, and complex cablings like matrix and KVM.

the results

This was a team effort.  HVS and all global partners delivered a highly sophisticated, highly integrated, and innovative system at Anta’s headquarters.  Mitigating issues with the pandemic and overcoming a tight schedule was possible as the team members delivered a consistent effort for several months to complete the project.

After countless days and nights, the opening of Anta’s Museum is finally operating as scheduled, and the museum brings the most complete immersive experience for visitors.