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??????The benefits program management
brings with multi-location project delivery.

Joe Clarke, Director of Global Program Delivery

For multi-national businesses with a key objective for their workplace experience, program management can be invaluable. As well improving risk management and reducing program complexity, program management enables a joint effort for long-term planning based on the business objectives and workplace strategy which can improve investments in the future by streamlining costs.

Upgrades to the technology in meeting areas for global organizations usually come with tight timeline and budget constraints. Our customers are having to run and manage running multiple projects simultaneously across all corners of the globe. It’s in these moments, when a small problem occurs, that communication starts to become a challenge.

A Program Manager who sits across all of the projects throughout the duration of a roll out will understand the importance, priority and scale of the problem at hand and know what level of escalation it is at. This dedicated management role understands the wider objectives and helps to ensure that any risk is minimized.

With over a decade of experience managing global AV programs for hundreds of customers, GPA are here to share the top benefits that program management provides to enterprise businesses:

streamlined communication


Program management provides a single point of contact. Whilst an enterprise customer might have hundreds of sites around the globe, they don’t always have a clear view about who to phone or email and who is managing which site. They can streamline their communication through one person, avoiding complexity and confusion.

With our global governance processes taken hand in hand with a program manager, businesses will have increased transparency in processes, allowing stakeholders to manage interdependencies clearly.


At its core, program management reduces complexity and streamlines communication through that single point of contact, ensuring that multiple projects in multiple locations stay on schedule and within budget, all helping to minimize risk and reduce complexity.

An example of this is supply chain. Via our supply chain management with our GPA global partner program, we have better collaboration with our suppliers. Our Program managers are able to go direct to a central point of contact within our partners that can drive better quality, improve risk mitigation and drive better visibility and data analytics for our customers.

reduction of complexity and risk for business
tracking and reporting


One vital benefit from Program Management is the ability to provide singular, concise tracking and reporting on progress. A dashboard is a way of displaying various types of visual data in one place. Within a Program, a Dashboard is intended to provide information in an easy-to-digest form. A tracker can provide granular facts, dates, and figures on a real time basis. Within GPA we provide multiple dashboards for our customers based on their specific requirements


Hand in hand with a business, a program manager can be helping steer a 3-5 year business plan, driving the key objectives from within the program.

With program management, one person has their eyes on the entire global picture consistently which strategically has its advantages long term. With all the information at their disposal they are able to help business make better buying and planning decisions all while keeping to focus on the objectives.

If you would like to find out about program management and the benefits it can bring to large roll outs, or see a live demonstration of our program management dashboard, reach out to our expert team.

long-term strategic planning streamlining costs