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Leater joins GPA as RBU for Ukraine

A strengthened presence in Eastern Europe has been a vision of GPA’s over the last few years given the growth in the region and the emergence of many of our global enterprise customers. We are excited to formally announce and introduce Leater in Ukraine as the newest team to join our GPA global community.

The Leater team is the recognized systems integrator in Ukraine and known for deploying complex AV and security solutions,  as well as providing high quality service and support for their customers. Leater has over 25 years’ experience in implementing complicated solutions for control rooms and operations centers, digital cinemas, hotel complexes, conference halls, high fidelity simulators, passenger terminals, financial institutions, sports arenas, trade and entertainment centers.

At the heart of Leater is a high level of trust, passion and accountability which is very aligned to the core values of GPA and it’s fellow Regional Business Units. The achievements and capabilities of Leater, along with their leadership and organizational culture will add huge value to the organization holistically along with our global customers.

Be it in terms of  services and solutions capabilities, enterprise mindset and market focus, and leadership and organizational culture, System Video is very much built upon the same the passion, purpose, and people-first perspectives that are the hallmark of all of GPA teams across the globe.

“Leater were a clear choice to bring into our organization as the clear market leader in the region, and I’m very excited to both see them invest in the GPA business model and value proposition as a shareholder, and for their team to join and add to our GPA global community.”

“The addition of a committed and dedicated GPA team in Ukraine was a high priority given the political, geographical, and financial complexities of the Ukrainian market, but also the increasing opportunities.” Commented Byron Tarry, Managing Director, GPA.

“Indeed those very political considerations have seen a strengthening of Western investment and support, and we are seeing many global entities taking advantage of the high education and skill base in the region.