GPA is a representative of the new era of the collaborative shared economy. We are an organization built upon distributed accountability and ownership, shared knowledge and innovation, and individual benefit driven by a primary focus on overall community gain.

GPA encompasses 27 expert Regional Business Units (RBUs) with localized delivery capability in 49 countries globally.  We have over 4000 employees, and well over $1B in annual AV/UC related revenues.

We listen, therefore we succeed.
Finding the Nuance.
Outcomes delivered. 

“Collaboration technologies only fulfil their true value when they bring communities of people together to share their ideas and achieve meaningful outcomes. Enabling this is the key vision of GPA”
– Byron Tarry, Managing Director GPA

GPA BV, our legal entity, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GPA Foundation, which is collectively owned by shareholders made up exclusively of the GPA’s RBUs. The Foundation is controlled through an elected nine-person Board of Directors drawn from within the RBUs, while a permanent GPA BV staff member runs day-to-day operations of the B.V. entity.
As an organization, we have spent significant energy challenging the status quo to set innovative new paths for ourselves and the industry. To be ‘better’, by its nature, we need to be ‘different’. But following through on doing what it takes to be different requires courage. We encourage you to come on a journey with us, where we at times will challenge you and push you towards being ‘better’, where we will leverage our experience and knowledge to present you with new ideas, and where we will offer you support – not just during the initial global project, but in the years to come.
Our tagline ‘think global, act global’ speaks to the vision of GPA and our core values of an honest, trustworthy, and loyal team who, spread out across the world, work, and act as one. It sums up the way we go about business every day. We want the world to know of and experience the GPA difference. It sets us apart from the crowd as our global clients, prospects, and stakeholders value the importance of a united global team.
Our mission is to ensure our technical our global business expertise remains at the forefront of the industry by having superior product knowledge, developing appropriate training programs for our staff, and openly sharing local information that can impact global businesses. We always put our customers first and aim to satisfy every customer’s unique needs, ensuring that they can use their technology solution to its full potential.
Our History
In 2008 GPA was formed (then known as Global Presence Alliance) to help customers have one global source for audio, video and unified communications solutions. The vision was to have a combined talent pool of thousands of professionals delivering excellence, following the same protocols and procedures across the globe.
Over the last decade, we have grown significantly as an organization, building stronger bonds, breaking down silos, openly sharing our knowledge and becoming the global AV integrator who truly wants to make a positive difference to the world.
With the combined strength of thousands of professionals sharing the same passion, culture and vision to innovate, GPA is uniquely capable of offering solutions that capture the imagination and exceed our clients’ expectations worldwide.
Global Presence Alliance was formed, coverage in five countries
Global Presence Alliance organizational charter published, and an inaugural Board of Directors elected.
Our global footprint hits 30 countries
Our Accredited Partner Program launches, ensuring global delivery consistency with our key Vendors.
Total combined global revenue breaks USD$1B annually
We launched Insight, our global program tracking & management platform.
Our “Global Care” service management platform and global service desk was launched
GPA B.V. was registered, solidifying our global organisational structure, truly becoming one!
GPA University launches, giving our staff the ability to upskill on a global scale.
The “Velocity” solution portfolio launches, a “standardized” global enterprise collaboration strategy offering.
GPA rebrand is officially unveiled at ISE2020.
Our people are more than just business partners. They are friends and peers within a committed community that shares best practices, innovation, and thought leadership for the benefit of the common good.
Anyone who has been part of the GPA team over time can attest that our company has a genuine “family” feeling, and people are treated and respected accordingly. We operate as one tightly woven team, generating ownership, participation, responsibility and fun.
Byron Tarry
Managing Director

As Managing Director, Byron works directly with and reports to the GPA Board to define and execute upon the Alliance’s strategic goals and objectives in meeting its commitment to excellence in global delivery of collaboration technologies. Byron has been a highly active member of the GPA since its inception in 2008, serving as its elected President from the Board’s inception in 2014 until he joined the organization in a full time capacity as its first Executive Director in 2017. With more than twenty years of experience in the AV industry, Byron has extensive expertise in global partnerships, relationship management and operations for AV/UC solutions. He has also had an active industry leadership presence over the past decade or more with involvement in numerous initiatives and advisory roles within AVIXA (formerly InfoComm) including development of the “AV Best Practices” Black Book, the STEP Rating System, and their Professional Education & Training Committee (PETC).

Mike Stead
Director, Programs and Partnerships

As Director of Programs and Partnerships, and its first full time employee, Mike Stead works closely with the Managing Director and GPA Board, to implement and maintain the GPA’s efforts in aligning and delivering upon its member, vendor partner, and customer related initiatives and programs. He has key mandates for member engagement and awareness, communications and logistics, and operational and administrative alignment throughout the organization. Mike’s background is in mobile & IT program management, and more recently corporate deployment and management of global executive Telepresence and knowledge-worker AV solutions.

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