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Workplace pandemic driven changes

Come and hear ilya Bukshteyn’s thoughts on post-pandemic innovation & Trends that enterprise businesses should be focussing on. 

The pandemic brought all sorts of compromise and pain, but it also forced “different” in so many ways we might never have considered without it.  With new lenses and new foundations, where are the opportunities to embrace “different” in our search for “better”, and what practical things can build upon to take advantage of them.

GPA will be joined by Ilya Bukshteyn, VP of Microsoft Teams Calling and Devices on Thursday in their off-floor Global Lounge, as he participates in a fireside chat & roundtable discussion.  Ilya will share his perspectives on what the last two years have taught us about the working environment, what pandemic driven innovation and trends we are likely to see sustained and further embraced, and what this can and will bring to businesses and individuals globally.

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Thursday 12 May 2022
12pm – 2pm
Room CC4.1, ISE
Fira De Barcelona
Limited capacity – enterprise customers will be prioritised.