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Velocity is so much more than just a portfolio of standardized solutions: it is also a comprehensive portfolio of aligned services that take the concept of standardization far beyond simply a Bill of Materials, and into a rapidly deployable and proven Enterprise Collaboration Strategy. One that recognizes that Program risk goes far beyond just the technology, and thereby also seeks to address the People and Space variables of exceptional meeting experiences.
budgeting and global pricing
Our approach to delivering efficient and effective delivery outcomes is built around a defined commercial framework model. Essentially a range of best practices oriented recommended operational structures, collaboratively aligned to the specific needs of each customer, and built upon the foundation of a comprehensive Global Master Services Agreement. From the development of an open and transparent financial model, the definition of key outcome-based metrics and SLO’s, or strategic alignment with key vendors, all have a critical role to play in the long-term success of any strategic partnership between GPA and its customers.
Our goal has never been about just providing technology to global enterprises. It’s also been about the user experience and solving human problems. We want people to experience better when it comes to workplace technology. We strive to help our customers enable improved collaborative outcomes that support their global teams’ needs, allowing them to increase business velocity, and achieve or maintain a competitive market advantage. We recognize that the path to a better user experience is more than just a new, innovative piece of equipment. It’s the need for a better end to end approach.

GPA have built a set of unique guiding principles that we believe are the foundations for our clients to achieve better when it comes to their global technology integration. Velocity, as we call it, is a comprehensive portfolio of aligned services that takes the concept of standardization into a rapidly deployable and proven strategy that doesn’t just consider the space and the technology and but, most importantly, focuses on the people and their experience.

To our clients, this is the GPA Difference.