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Financial Institution, USA


Financial Institution

Year of Completion

Size of Project
200 meeting rooms, common areas, boardrooms and presentation rooms.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

project scope

GPA United States was tasked with reviewing this Financial Institution’s new headquarters situated in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This new state-of-the-art, eight-story 264,000 square-foot building was set to become the culminating result of a brand repositioning that would secure this institution’s progression into the future.  The organization’s goal was to reposition itself with an updated brand and communication strategy directed at a broader audience, including a younger demographic.

GPA used a methodical, phased approach to systems integration, with the central goal of achieving a high adoption of technology.  The first stage of the project began with understanding user expectations for technology and systems, as well as the overall goals of the project. Subsequently, the project progressed to the next phase, which focused on the technical design of systems, and workflows.  Once the installations were in place, a comprehensive support plan was adopted.

the solution

Today, the new branding is reflected in the building and workspaces. The headquarters include elegant and architectural features, along with practical amenities to help employees and visitors benefit from the high-quality executive boardrooms to the smaller, more agile huddle rooms.

GPA worked closely with the customer to identify end-user expectations and align the expectations with technical solutions that include:

  • Unified collaboration-enabled meeting and conference rooms.
  • Intuitive and thoughtful audio solutions in larger rooms.
  • Discrete technical solutions to match the aesthetic.
  • Flexible training rooms that expand and contract.
  • Room scheduling and control solutions.

The new offices now allow remote workers to connect with their in-office counterparts more effectively.

the results

The project reflected the Financial Institution’s new vision for the organization, both aesthetically and practically, and now the spaces allow employees to better collaborate with one another – both within the office and remotely.

With the addition of divisible training rooms able to accommodate varying audience sizes and the greater control of users over the audio-visual tools provided, all employees benefit from a more collaborative meeting environment.  The audiovisual systems installed for this project were expertly designed for this space, leveraging the best and most fitting products for the end users’ needs.

These new headquarters exemplify the best in architectural and interior design, and the technology only enhances the space’s functionality for the employees and those who visit.