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Three Ireland, Ireland


Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited

Year of Completion
Installations are planned until 2023

Size of Project
Retail stores across Ireland x 59

Throughout Ireland

project scope

Three Ireland is a mobile telecommunications provider with over 1400 employees across Ireland.  To date, Three Ireland has invested close to 2B to build its business around the country and this includes providing a cutting-edge experience for both their customers and employees.

When Three announced that they were transforming their customer offering by redesigning their 59 retail stores across the country, GPA Ireland, System Video was awarded the project.  Although GPA Ireland had previously worked with Three Ireland, this was their first experience working within their retail stores.

The new stores were not only designed to sell their various products, these needed to offer a new experience created for Irish shoppers and their hobbies. To date GPA Ireland has been integrating their audiovisual technology and displays in Three’s locations across Ireland with a tailored AV solution designed to match the retail store’s digital transformation focus.

These new vibrant retail spaces had to entice customers to come into the store and speak with their team.  The teams were there to offer their expert advice and the surroundings had to give potential customers the feeling that they weren’t being sold a product but offered a lifestyle assistant to facilitate their daily tasks.  This curated list included 100 new and exciting products, all part of this lifestyle range.

the solution

Firstly, the team at GPA Ireland opted to use dual displays with screens on both sides to maximize messaging and reduce costs.

The window-facing screens feature clear, bright images to attract and engage potential customers while the indoor facing screens promote special offers, new products, and information about all services provided by Three.  Another positive outcome for the dual digital signal is that content is easier to manage with seamless playback, and 24/7 continued operation.

The LED video wall displaying woodland scenes make the stores’ new design, look, and feel come together with the AV technology. The 3D rendering design was one important step for the project and helped the customer to visualize the solution in the real space.

the results

The completed stores are now enhanced with AV technology. Digital signage displays offer clear bright images and messaging to potential customers. Additionally, all displays are touch-enabled and allow Three customers to see the full range of lifestyle products.

Photo credit: Three Ireland