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Slivovitz Museum, Czech Republic


Slivovitz Museum

Year of Completion

Size of Project
Historical building

Prague, Czech Republic

project scope

AV Media, the GPA team in the Czech Republic was asked to improve the audio-visual experience at the Slivovitz Museum.  The museum was going through a massive renovation and the new modern and interactive exhibition needed to incorporate all the features all technologies expected from a 21st-century world-class attraction.

The Slivovitz Museum offers a sensory experience of the production of Slivovitz, a plum vodka, and a traditional spirit from the Bohemian and Moravian regions that has been in production for centuries.

The location itself posed challenges as the new part of the building is partly underground and the proximity of the Vltava River has cause certain technical issues.  Equally as problematic was the addition of a new metro station located under the building that compounded the risk of leaks coming in from the river.  As a result, the construction was delayed by approximately five months.

???????Another consideration was the desire to preserve the original materials and thus respecting the historical integrity of the reconstructed building.

the solution

The exhibition consists of four sections. The first is dedicated to the history of Vizovice distilleries in Wallachia and of the local distillery families. The central multi-projection screens guide visitors from 1585 to modern times with the distilleries stories recounted within the context of national and global historical events.

The next section immerses visitors into the Wallachian hills and meadows, surrounded by orchards and plum trees. The atmosphere is created by varied terrain, combined projections, light effects, wind and sun effects, odors, and heat.

The third door takes visitors to the virtual world. This section is called the “Plum” since the audience will actually become a plum for six minutes by being shaken on the tractor-trailer, pass through the distillation process, followed by maturing in an oak barrel.

???????The experience ends in the distillery where visitors have an opportunity to taste the end-product and produce their own personal label.

the results

AV Media was able to address the demands of 21th century visitors in terms of the overall experience. The exhibition is educational, informative as well as entertaining by featuring the traditions, history, production technology and end products.