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SIMU, Czech Republic


Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University (SIMU)

Brno, Czech Republic

project scope

The Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, or SIMU, is the most technologically advanced medical simulation center in Central Europe.  With a realistic hospital environment, equipped with an emergency room, operating theatres, intensive care unit, and even a helipad, the training facility has been able to successfully combine traditional medical instruction with new and improved AV simulation technology for a more comprehensive medical training.

SIMU provides training for future medical practitioners and offers an environment that pushes the boundaries of learning without jeopardizing the life of patients.

GPA’s Czech team, AV Media, had the task of providing the training center with a mobile unit able to connect with the overall Enterprise solution already implemented in the training facility.

the solution

AV Media devised various mobile units that had to be dependable, accurate, and easy to use.  These could easily be moved from room to room to recreate an actual emergency or operating room with screens, cameras, and other monitoring devices. SIMU wanted the clinical simulations for all medical disciplines in one building to train future medical practitioners with the most up-to-date equipment.

As the mobile units had to create real-world situations, some simulation units had to be functional in less controlled areas like the helipad.  The mobile units fitted with proper Audio-Visual equipment would improve training by providing a real-world environment that will ultimately save lives.

the results

For the Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University (SIMU) in the Czech Republic, the goal was to provide a training center for their students that would give the best lifelike simulation obtainable with the help of modern AV technology.

Equipped like a real hospital and now the most up-to-date AV installation the SIMU sets the bar for other medical simulation centers world-wide.