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Nexity, France



Nexity, France

Year of Completion

Size of Project
Collaborative and Creative Rooms.

Paris, France

project scope

Nexity, a leading French integrated real estate group, features a varied portfolio of residential properties, office buildings, offices, business parks, warehouses, distribution centers, office facilities, and hotels.

By the time Nexity moved into their new head office, the New Ecological Workplace or “New”, the pandemic had modified the way people worked with the prevalence of hybrid workplaces.

GPA France, Videlio was tasked to rethink the equipment needed to fulfill the requirement of meeting rooms and the new hybrid workforce. This rethink would not only affect the outfitting of their Nexity’s own head office but all other real estate projects they would subsequently work on.

the solution

The solution had to be easy for employees to adopt and provide high-quality immersive hybrid meetings.

In addition to being simple and intuitive, the system needed collaborative capabilities to help facilitate brainstorming sessions between individuals in meeting rooms and those attending the meetings remotely.

Two room types were outfitted – creative and collaborative. While the 24 Collaborative Rooms include Microsoft Teams and Logitech video conferencing system, the 2 Creative Rooms are equipped with surface hubs.

Microsoft teams’ rooms provide a straightforward solution to cater to the demands of hybrid working spaces with superior image and audio and more creative tools such as shared whiteboards for optimal collaborative results.

the results

Once the installation was delivered, Videlio provided a unique after-sale service based on Microsoft Premier. GPA France’s service team performs daily morning checks to ensure that all meeting rooms function before users begin their workday.

Up to ten new Nexity sites are currently being fitted with the same equipment used in “New”. Quick and easy, each employee is inducted through training, tutorial, and other sharing methods to facilitate take-up. Fail-safe mechanisms are also in place in case of system breakages. Videlio receives details of the issues encountered by users and deals with those issues in real-time by addressing a full range of potential work stoppages.

The GPA France team, Videlio, was crucial in assisting Nexity with its AV solutions that now embrace the new hybrid workplace.

The installation provided by Videlio was remarkably easy to integrate within our existing framework. It could not have been simpler. – Yann Ludmann, DSI Group, Nexity