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Municipality of Horní Lide?, Czech Republic


Municipality Horní Lide?

Vsetín District , Zlín Region, Czech Republic

project scope

Horní Lide? is a municipality and village in Vsetín District in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic with approximately 1,300 inhabitants.

The village wanted a community center that would provide a space for social and cultural events. Based on consultations, a multi-purpose building was eventually created for everyone to take part in a wide range of cultural, social, and educational activities.

GPA Czech Republic was tasked to design and implemented the new interactive exhibition for this purpose. The exhibition provided visitors with entertaining, easy-to-understand attractive displays that featured the natural heritage of this border region between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The region features four protected areas that include the Beskid Mountains, the White Carpathians, and the Kysuce Mountains. The building also offers a large room to host conferences, and presentations, as well as cultural and social events like concerts, theatre performances, and weddings.

The most difficult challenge rested with the customer as the municipality had to defend the investment in the project. With a construction budget of 3.8 million USD, the justification needed to be compelling for this municipality of 1,300 despite half of the funding provided by the EU funds.  The implementation schedule was very also very tight with the project documentation provided in September 2020 and the grand opening scheduled for Spring 2022.

the solution

The Safe for Nature Exhibition is intended to show the natural surroundings to visitors of all ages.

The main attraction upon entering is a huge 9m ceiling-high hall with a floor area of 1,200 m2. The space is an architectural design and dynamic space that is also visible from the outside due to the large, glazed panels. This multi-purpose space hosts the interactive exhibition, which occupies two halls. One of the halls gives visitors an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The space is the perfect “black box” in which the natural beauty of this cross-border region is presented via large-sized projections (dge Blending) on three atypical screens. In contrast, the multimedia exhibition in the second hall is full of light. Due to the carefully selected composition of colors, visitors are drawn into the landscape. In this way, they can explore the riches of four protected landscape areas, namely CHKO Beskydy, CHKO Sucker, CHKO Bílé Karpaty and CHKO Biele Kaprpaty.

This section of the exhibition includes a number of interactive as well as haptic “gadgets”. Among these gadgets are interactive graphic panels on wheels, called “stumps”, which visitors can move around a walk-on map, with QR codes located on the map revealing information about the area concerned.

“Based on the reactions of visitors who had the opportunity to visit the Safe for Nature prior to its official opening and the great interest in the exhibition, I can say that this unique project has captured the imagination and has been fully accepted and adopted by the local community. I am convinced that the Safe for Nature exhibition will make an impression on all visitors and improve the cultural and social standing of our municipality.” –Josef Tkadlec, Mayor of Horní Lide?

the results

GPA Czech Republic was thrilled that the exhibition is able to capture the imagination of children and adults alike, by providing an entertaining and educational environment.  For example, AV Media worked closely with members of the Horní Lide? municipality on, among other things, a children’s educational program to incorporate into the exhibition. The collaboration was a success and Horní Lide? is now able to offer locals and tourists alike a nature sanctuary that provides an unforgettable experience to enhance their visit to the area.