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Medical Rescue Service, Czech Republic


Regional Authority for the Medical Rescue Service of the Vyso?ina Region

Year of Completion

Size of Project
Training Centre including 13 training rooms, simulation and debriefing rooms as well at classrooms and a multifunctional hall.

Brno, Czech Republic

project scope

AV Media, the GPA team in the Czech Republic, AV Media was tasked with providing audio-visual technology solutions for the new Training Centre at the Medical Rescue Service location in the Vyso?ina Region.  These rescue training simulation rooms were designed to prepare rescuers for the various crisis they would encounter in the field.

From vehicle accidents to industrial incidents and hospital transport, the training venues needed to provide trainees and rescuers with the necessary tools to deal efficiently with a real incident.

The contract was demanding as the technology integration and implementation were very specific. The cameras and microphones needed to be perfectly placed and the most accurate recording technology installed to capture all the interaction in the various rooms.

???????As the trainers would observe the training remotely, any misses from their part due to a poor visual or audio experience could have significant negative outcomes in the field for the rescuers and the success of their operations. The design of the system had to take this into consideration to reduce any impact to participants.

the solution

The building was exceptionally well planned. The main floor boasts a multifunctional hall equipped with a climbing wall used to simulate air rescues whilst the first-floor hosts the training rooms.  The second floor features a fully equipped ambulance, the replica of an apartment, and other real-life simulation environments.

The technological base for the entire system, SimStation technology delivers quality AV recording that meets the stringent requirements of healthcare professionals. Each simulation room was configured with two to three full HD cameras to capture the training space from different angles. Ceiling noise microphones were installed throughout the simulation areas to pick up every possible sound. To supplement the audio component, each team member is supplied with a headset and microphone. To create a more realistic atmosphere, the simulation rooms are equipped with projectors and surface sound systems.

???????The audiovisual system is connected throughout all the training areas with cameras, microphones, audio, and visual displays.  This allows every interaction during a simulation to be recorded and saved.  Then in the debriefing rooms, the recordings are immediately reviewed with the participants on a large display complete with medical technology platforms – for an integrated and immediate analysis and feedback.

the results

???????The project was extremely important to the client. The new training center improves training outcomes for rescuers by using state-of-the-art technology.  In this case, AV Media’s proposed solution of AV technology integration in a simulated environment is the ideal learning environment in emergency training.

The new training facility provides a controlled area where every intervention is practiced and reviewed with instantaneous feedback.