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Livesport, Czech Republic


Livesport Ltd.

Year of Completion

Size of Project
Huddle and collaborative rooms x 15

Prague, Czech Republic

project scope

Livesport Ltd. is a Czech based technology company that provides worldwide statistics and live scoring for over 35 major sporting event through its FlashScore product.  With an audience 90 million unique users monthly, the company has migrated from a regional base operation to a global service provider.  Today, each of their mobile apps have been downloaded by more than 85 million people.

Livesport contacted GPA in the Czech Republic, AV Media Systems in 2020 when they expanded their Prague headquarters.  The expansion had to accommodate all their employees whilst providing a flexible, secure, and hybrid work model.??????? The work environment was to reflect the new post-covid period and include a collaborative platform.

the solution

During the Pandemic, the team had to adopt new ways of doing business in order to keep the operation going.   They needed to upgrade their communication technology and provide their employees with the tools necessary to do their work virtually and cooperatively.  These new tools needed to be flexible, easy to manage, and with very little technical complexities.

The challenge for the GPA team in the Czech Republic was to facilitate the integration of this new hybrid world with the Livesport employees.

the results

The team at Livesport fully integrated this new hybrid work reality.  Today, they use the tools to grow and co-create together while launching into their next phase of collaboration.  ????????????????????

The company is also considering the concept of shared workspaces and hot-desking to free office space for people who are now working from both the office and remotely.

As the concept of “flexible work arrangement” is beginning to take form within companies, Livesport is now ahead of the curve due to the technology integrated in the last 12 months.