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LC Packaging, Netherlands


LC Packaging

Year of Completion

Size of Project

Small and Mid-size Rooms, Conference Rooms, ???????Auditorium, ???????Training Rooms, Pantries, Canteen and Fitness Rooms.????????????????????

Waddinxveen, Netherlands

project scope

LC Packaging International BV, is a leading supplier in Europe for agricultural packaging and bulk bag. These large and flexible industrial containers or “big bags” are used for storing and transporting products like food, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemicals.

The family-owned company founded almost 100 years ago has recently moved to an ultra-modern head office.   GPA Netherlands, AVEX International was mandated to implement its smart workplace design and audiovisual system.

This 1,700 employee workforce is spread across warehouses and factories in 16 countries and communication is extremely important.  Although teleconferencing and video conferencing tools were used for many years, most were out of date and no longer served the needs of the organization.

The expectations were high as LC Packaging opted for a sustainable building that met all the BREEAM Outstanding Certification criteria, the ultimate in sustainable accreditation.  The collaborative areas needed to be as cutting-edge and innovative as the building they were designed to complement.

GPA Netherlands, AVEX International had their work cut out.

“Our instructions to AVEX were very simple — create a smart work environment where people can effortlessly and effectively communicate and cooperate”. LC Packaging

The GPA Netherlands team had the double duty of providing a robust AV alternative that satisfied the new business requirements of the customer but also anticipate potential resistance to the new technology.

The customer had to be eased into the concept of using new technology.  This meant that the entire staff had to step away from the familiar primary communication tool that they had all used for many years.  The new installation had to be easy to understand and operate.

the solution

Vendor support

A demo using beta hardware was the solution to secure the customer’s buy-in.  The demo’s success would not have been possible without vendor support. The vendor stepped up to the plate early into the project, and their commitment to working side by side with GPA Netherlands to gain the customer’s trust was crucial.

Trust building

Transparent and up-front feedback during the production was extremely valuable to building trust with the customer.  The roadmap visibility provided a highly workable workflow that enabled the proper software evolution as well as a direct line of communication with the product developers.

“We chose AVEX because of their professional and personal approach. In the AV environment it is often about features and technical specifications, but AVEX is more user-orientated”. Nick Jansen, Director Europe, LC Packaging
the results

With their updated video conferencing equipment and new meeting platform as a standard throughout the organization , LC Packaging is ready to tackle the future.

This was more than simply upgrading technology, it involved taking the employees on a journey where the ultimate goal was to improve their communication and cooperation between each other.