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Insurance Australia Group, Australia


Insurance Australia Group

Year of Completion

Size of Project
160 room installation

Sydney, Australia

project scope

Pro AV Solutions, GPA’s business unit of Australia, recently completed the audio visual technology fit out of the new IAG offices in Sydney CBD. The project scope revolved around the standardization, monitoring, management and maintenance of their new technology system which had to be simple to use with little to no downtime.

In their old office space, the stakeholder had limited meeting rooms that had no control or monitoring. The priority and key to the new office fit out was to have a technology solution that could increase the efficiency of their workspace and to have network-based devices that could be monitored and managed easily.

Pro AV Solutions were involved in this new project from the design of the 160-room installation right through to the managed services of their AV system. This end-to-end solution has significantly simplified the work environment and the workflow for the end users at IAG.

the solution

Pro AV Solutions were first approached about the conceptual design of this new office space 18 months ago. As technology has advanced in those months, a challenge we faced was making sure the design and integration of the AV technology was not just the latest but also compatible with all devices and simple to use. Thanks to Optus and their team, this became a very smooth and fluent journey where we exceeded our clients’ expectations and hit all milestones.

As part of the move, IAG upgraded to the Cisco Webex Teams platform which enabled mobility in their office space. Via the app, Webex Teams empowers continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and white boarding all in the one platform. This system has allowed the users at IAG to connect easily to colleagues and spaces through their desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Shure MXA910 ceiling array microphones were used throughout the installation for invisible audio coverage or all room sizes that is versatile and reliable.

Pro AV Solutions also redesigned the signage distribution nationally. Previously, IAG had a signage player behind each display, which was painful for them to manage and monitor. Our solution featured only fourteen signage players in total streamlining their management and monitoring for signage. They can now simply monitor their signage and distribute it to all over any site on their network.

A key element to the overall solution was the ongoing service and support for the AV technology integrated into all spaces. Working with Optus, Pro AV Solutions have a technical support resource who can answer any phone calls regarding technical difficulties in any room. For IAG, this has improved their workflow and down time issues they had previously encountered.

the results

IAG were very impressed by how smooth the transition to their new workspace has been and the usage of the new technology. The standardised and streamlined design paired with simplified and user-friendly functionality of all spaces was key to the end user.

The upgrade of their digital signage system has also had a big impact on the efficiency of their monitoring and maintenance which were both key goals. IAG are delighted by the level of support they have received from both Optus and Pro AV Solutions during this fit out.