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Hilti, Singapore


Hilti Group

Year of Completion

Size of Project
Technology upgrade and after-sales support.


project scope

Hilti Corporation.  Also known as Hilti Group, Hilti is a Liechtenstein multinational company with several offices worldwide. The company develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, maintenance, energy, and manufacturing industries. The organization concentrates on fire protection and installation systems, measuring and power tools like hammer drills, diamond, heavy angle drills, power saws, and related software and services.

The Singapore office refresh was the 1st global Teams rollout for Hilti, and there were challenges and concerns around network-related security. Due to the tight security protocols within the Hilti network, ESCO had to ensure that only a handful of devices touched their corporate network.

As this was also the 1st global APAC office to embrace Teams rooms, the most crucial aspect of the deployment was to ensure training for all users and regular ad-hoc training sessions on Surface Hub specifically to help with user adoption. The concept of making the rooms easy to use via one-button touch-to-join solutions was an essential requirement from the customer.

Challenges revolved around global stock constraints for contractors and vendors. The team at GPA Singapore, ESCO had to work closely with manufacturers to help meet the Q1 completion deadline for 2022. They also had to leverage vendors’ assistance to help expedite stock and provide loan equipment to meet the official office launch deadline of the 1st week of March 2022.

the solution

Vendor partners played a vital role in assisting with remote demos for the customer leadership team. These critical demos showcased the range of products and features when in-person visits to manufacturer demo centers were impossible due to COVID restrictions.
Other assistance provided by vendors included providing engineering resources to help the GPA team with the reception video wall deployment to meet the tight project deadline.
Other vendors provided support by initiating quarterly user training sessions split into groups of 10 and ensuring users were comfortable with the equipment and device functionalities.

The teams from each vendor assisted with excellent virtual demos and training to showcase their solutions and facilitate user adoption.

the results

Hilti was impressed by the after-sales support provided by GPA Singapore, ESCO, such as regular management workshops where the GPA team assists with concierge onsite standby support. This onsite standby support is part of the overall maintenance plan that provides monthly and quarterly support during the regular workshops scheduled across APAC. The after-sales support was an important factor in deciding the service integrator of choice for the Hilti Group.

The customer was delighted with the quality of technology installed. Furthermore, GPA has given its full assurance to support end-users by providing regular training and refresh sessions every quarter to help empower the users.
The entire GPA Singapore team was proud of the commitment to meet the project go-live deadline. In addition, all network configuration, room configuration, and testing were delivered before the official office launch.