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Henkel, Czech Republic



Prague, Czech Republic

project scope

Henkel, founded in 1876, is an industrial and consumer goods company that includes three operating business units – Laundry, Home Care, Beauty Care, and Adhesive Technologies.

The Czech office’s employees had been in their office for over 20 years and no longer met the new demands of a modern hybrid workforce. The Czech team began looking for a new location that would fit the organization’s needs and updated with new workplace technology to match.

With more employees adopting a hybrid work environment, the installation needed to include robust remote work capabilities.

the solution

GPA Czech Republic, AV Media worked with Henkel in their old premises. Henkel’s IT team members attended several events hosted by AV Media that featured new collaborative tools and equipment and visited project locations.

The Henkel team evaluated that many of the new hybrid work technology tools featured in the projects delivered by AV Media would be excellent solutions for their new premise.

Henkel’s newly updated office features meeting rooms of varying sizes with top-of-the-line booking systems to suit the team’s needs. The office also includes smaller focus rooms for more spontaneous meetings or when team members require a quiet environment to perform individual tasks. Soundproof call booths are available, as are informal collaborative areas ideal for creative brainstorming within the Henkel team.

“The future is in a hybrid way of working, so-called smart working. When we can actually work from anywhere, not just from home. At the same time, offices remain and play a very important role. It is our background where we meet, cooperate and brainstorm with our colleagues. But thanks to smart working, I can choose how and where I work and I can be flexible.”

Miroslav Horna, Senior Key Account Manager HENKEL

the results

Today’s new workspaces at Henkel’s Czech headquarters revolve around the employees’ needs and reflect the global standards established worldwide for the organization.

This new hybrid workspace or smart-working space provides work options from home, the office, and indeed anywhere in the world.

These new locals don’t eliminate the need for formal offices as the office still fulfills an essential role for effective, collaborative, and creative outcomes. However, the hybrid workspace also offers employees the option to experience a more flexible and ultimately more fulfilling work experience.