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Deloitte, South Africa


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Year of Completion

Size of Project
160 public displays, including meeting spaces, training venues, reception and auditorium.

Waterfall City, Johannesburg, South Africa

project scope

Deloitte’s operation in South Africa included 16 buildings and over 3,700 employees, split between two locations, in Johannesburg and Pretoria.  The goal was to centralize the operation under one roof in Waterfall City, a convenient location on the outskirts of Johannesburg.  Moreover, the new locations needed to integrate the most up-to-date AV technology to futureproof the entire complex and ensure a sustainable collaborative solution for all employees.

GPA’s South Africa team, Omega Digital were awarded the bid.  The implementation was challenging due to several factors, the first being the introduction of new technologies. Deloitte staff previously had limited or no interaction with collaborative communication platforms, wireless content sharing, or room booking and wayfinding solutions.

Another factor was the tight deadline provided to complete such a big project.  The pressure was on from the very beginning to get the project underway and completed on time.

the solution

During the bidding process, Omega was tasked with identifying the best products to help Deloitte with their futureproofing and unified communication strategies, along with the required monitoring tools and backend integration.  The additional requirement included easy end-user function as well as venue booking capabilities integration.

Through a lengthy consultation and proof of concept process, Omega identified various technologies in line with Deloitte’s global standards that would bring a seamless and intuitive collaboration to the organization.  And to address the tight deadline, Omega had 13 installation teams on site.

New technology like wireless sharing was implemented across all meeting spaces, as were room booking and scheduling panels.  Also, the new auditorium is considered a world-class venue with capabilities to host both internal and external events.

A comprehensive user training and adoption program was initiated to assist staff with the technology in the new location.  Omega also facilitated the meeting room integration to ensure better collaboration between employees and streamline their current desktop experience into their meeting rooms.

Another key deliverable was group communications.  Comprehensive digital signage and IPTV streaming solution were implemented into their new building. The solution included more than 160 public displays and three 220” LED screens located within the Atrium. The signage solution also allowed for content distribution to all Deloitte’s regional sites.

the results

???????With the impact of COVID-19 and the hard lockdown measures that were implemented in South Africa, all of Deloitte’s staff worked from home for approximately six months. Within this lockdown period, their usage of the new collaborative platforms increased dramatically and user adoption skyrocketed.

When users returned to the office, they walked into a familiar environment due to the previous training and were able to dial into their meetings with ease and confidence. The room booking process was now streamlined and easy to use.

The Deloitte project was designed to cater to today’s requirements, as well as the foreseeable future. By adopting products that allowed for API integration, Omega ensured that Deloitte remains at the forefront of current and future technologies. The building has also been designed specifically with the end-user in mind, ensuring that Deloitte employees have the confidence and capabilities to present and host successful meetings in a world-class environment.

The Deloitte Johannesburg campus has since been used as a model for future buildings in South Africa and throughout Africa.