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AVEX Studios, Netherlands


AVEX Studies, internal

Year of Completion

Size of Project
In-house studies, virtual ‘green screen’ study, control room

Utrecht, Netherlands

project scope

AVEX Studios is an internal project devised by the AVEX Event Facilities team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Avex Studios is a brandable studio environment that can be used internally for employees or externally as a customer-facing communication solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the rental & staging world very hard as all events were canceled due to lockdown measures. The AVEX Event Facilities team had to switch gears to cope with the situation. They decided to use the time to build an in-house studio with some of their rental equipment and rent out the facility to event professionals.

The innovation was not necessarily in terms of new technology, but much more in adapting and pivoting into a new business model that included building and supplying in-house studio installations.  It helped AVEX to accelerate AV FLEX (av-as-a-service).

???????When physical or live events are not possible and employees cannot work from their offices, the need for organizations to communicate regularly with their employees and with customers is crucial.  While everyone is in video conference meetings several times a day, a more robust alternative was required to send out important organizational messages or to run hybrid meetings.

the solution

The studio template was based on the knowledge obtained from running live events. The studio solution needed to be easily branded and adapted to fit customer needs with customized solutions like logo integration, animations and custom color lighting onset.

Using the latest technologies, the studio template needed to provide a superior experience, where audio, video, and mixer components were perfectly integrated. The concept was made accessible for in-house adoption with the use of a Crestron Touchpanel enabling the operation of the studio with only two people.

With more complex programming, the Simply Advanced Studio service can be added and provides additional cameras and AVEX’s own studio professionals.

In addition to providing a studio framework and implementation service, AVEX enhanced the offering by creating a blueprint for experiential best practice. This included information on how to prepare the room and catering as well as tips on how to deliver and communicate efficiently in a studio environment.

The success of the project led to building another studio template in the form of a virtual ‘green screen’ study, another very popular option.  Within a few weeks from the original launch, a 3rd studio in the empty AVEX canteen was open.  This studio had the look and feel of a bar and an ideal setting for informal events, such as a Pub Quiz, a Christmas Celebration, or a remote New Year’s meeting.

the results

???????Since the implementation of the project, customers have been requesting their own in-house studios.  To date, AVEX has built and deployed two permanent studios for customers and is now delivering at various locations as an “as-a-service” model.

???????Temporary studios began hosting more professional events and AVEX Studios were now used for round-table discussions, workshops, webinars, and CEO talks to their employees.

AVEX Studios has adapted to the situation from leasing their premises for customers who needed studio time or to provide a permanent in-house studio.  These creative alternatives are timely for organizations looking for new and engaging internal and external communications options.