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get the most out of your global investment 
It is one thing for your IT staff to know how to use the technology, but are they the key people using the space? Most of the time, it is people who aren’t as familiar with the technology, aren’t as confident with it, and therefore often call on others to assist them, which could easily have been avoided and reduced the anxiety of the individual.
remove the fear of technology
Collaboration is a learned skill, not just an outcome of putting people in a physical or virtual room, yet a skill we all too often forget to equip and enable users with. Given many views presenting in front of an audience as one of their greatest fears, it shouldn’t be any surprise that if they are fearful of using the communication and collaboration technologies we provide them, that they will be resistant to adopting even the best technology solutions.
Our Adopt & Embrace approach is a portfolio of on-demand training videos, premium on-site training, manuals, and user guides, and ongoing support options intended to allow users to recognize the benefit those tools can offer them. By understanding historical technology pain points and user culture, learning tools and programs are custom-developed to address the different learning styles of the relevant users, to in turn drive adoption and ROI of your collaboration technology tools and organizational goals. We use modern learning best practices and curriculum developers, in combination with technology tools, and our global resource and language footprint, to drive efficiency and diversity in our instructional capabilities, and ultimately your results.
our clients
We have a unique story with each client based not only on their location, but also on their goals, vision and innovation. We help bring their new working environments to life by boosting productivity and collaboration for their people.