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Innovative. innovative.  functional. 
Design is often a journey of discovery as we take people through what is possible. Designing a system does not revolve around the individual products in the space, but rather the needs and the uses in the space by all individuals. The design plays such a key role in the development of the functionality of each room. Our end design is achieved through communication and further discussion aimed at defining a scope, supported by a functional brief, matched to the business budget and local regulations and supply.
our strategy
We send qualified technicians to cable and install equipment on-site. Whether the installation is large or small, the right team will be allocated to ensure it is carried out properly. The company’s approach to testing equipment before installation has been proven to minimize on-site disruption and reduces complications. On a global scale, this significantly reduces risk and can save time during the final commissioning and testing phase.
To ensure systems are easy to operate, GPA in-house engineers will program touch panels to provide user-friendly menus that are consistent in every location.
our clients
We have a unique story with each client based not only on their location but also their goals, vision and innovation. We help bring their new working environments to life, boosting productivity and collaboration for their people.