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financial flexibility and  understanding
Prices on the very same item can differ greatly around the world. Tariffs, taxes, transportation, distribution models, currency value, and political situations all play a factor in pricing in each delivery country. To support customers in terms of awareness, risk mitigation, and management of these factors is just one element of GPA’s approach to a global MSA and contractual model.
budgeting and global pricing
Our approach to delivering efficient and effective delivery outcomes is built around a defined commercial framework model. Essentially a range of best practices oriented recommended operational structures, collaboratively aligned to the specific needs of each customer, and built upon the foundation of a comprehensive Global Master Services Agreement. From the development of an open and transparent financial model, the definition of key outcome-based metrics and SLO’s, or strategic alignment with key vendors, all have a critical role to play in the long-term success of any strategic partnership between GPA and its customers.
Leveraging the unique and comprehensive contractual structure between GPA. and its regional business units, customers can feel comfortable in the knowledge there is a clearly defined and proven legal structure and accountability between GPA and shareholders. This allows flexibility for customers to deploy either central or regionalized contract execution and billing structures to suit your needs.
our clients
We have a unique story with each client based not only on their location but also their goals, vision and innovation. We help bring their new working environments to life, boosting productivity and collaboration for their people.