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gpa’S board of directors

The members of GPA’s Board of Directors are highly qualified industry thought leaders that will guide the unified GPA B.V. organization at a global directional level.  These board members also represent the broader community of Regional Business Unit CEOs as the shareholders GPA B.V., and as the consumers of the infrastructure, services, and best practices that GPA delivers its Business Units that will, in turn, serve their regional interests and needs.

GPA’s Managing Director/CEO reports to the GPA Board, and partners with the Board to set corporate strategy and direction, evolve corporate culture and manage organizational risk and investment.

Intentionally, the GPA Charter ensures there is a natural cycle of Board leadership by imposing term limits on Board members. This ensures that we continue to get a diversity of thought, fresh ideas, and dynamics within the Board.

GPA’s current Board include the following individuals:

Roman Ceriani
GPA Spain
Sujith Sivaram
Tobias Enders
GPA Germany
David Carroll
GPA Ireland
gpa sue stechly
Susan Stechly
GPA Canada
gpa david lesch
David Lesch
GPA Czech Republic
gpa magnus krabbe
Magnus Krabbe
GPA Sweden