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GPA Welcomes newest Sales Academy Graduates.

Following 5 weeks of gruelling training, our newest team of Global Business Development Managers are ready to evangelize GPA’s global perspective on workplace technology solutions.

With a tongue-in-cheek theme of Spooks, Spies, and Special Agents, this team of 10 intrepid agents learned the tools, recourses, and strategies to sharpen and hone their skills and to properly leverage the shared knowledge, innovation, and expertise of GPA’s 27 regional business units across 50 + countries.

The goal of the GPA Sales Academy was simple.

Build a global team that will mitigate the challenges faced by international enterprise organizations by helping them with solutions & services that allow their most valuable assets, their people, to communicate and collaborate better.

Congratulations to some of the world’s best enterprise account consultants for completing comprehensive training where they sharpened their global business skills to leverage our 27 regional business units across 50 countries. Customer obsession at its finest!” – KEN BAYERN, GPA’s Director, Global Account Strategy

We introduce you to our GPA Sales Team, brought together because of their global perspective. These individuals are committed to operational excellence and are ready to assist organizations in navigating their next global collaboration technology deployment program.

Adam Lillystone.2
Adam Lillystone
Adam Lillystone, UK
Ben Smit
Ben Smit, Netherlands
beth hild
Christer Björck
Christer Björck, Switzerland
Frank Michel.2
Jennifer Spagna
Jennifer Spagna, US
Michael Kremer.2
Michael Kremer
Michael Kremer, Germany
Rajesh Shirke.2
Rajesh Shirke
Rajesh Shirke, India
Richard Bishop
Richard Bishop, Hong Kong