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Intel & GPA:

Enabling the AV & UC Industry to deliver new,

meaningful user experiences affecting tangible business outcomes

By Byron Tarry | February 28, 2023

Partnership is an often-used and often-overstated term. While partnership is firstly about ensuring a win-win proposition through alignment of two independent parties, it is the capacity to look through a much broader lens that is the metric of evaluating true partnership.

It is with true partnership in mind I was reflecting on our recent Integrated Systems Europe 2023 experience, unquestionably our most successful ever trade show event. And while there was absolutely evidence of depth of partnership between GPA and our customers, it’s the partnership of our key vendor partners that is the inspiration to these comments.

gpa and intel partnership

While we had more than a dozen of our valued partners support the various activities and human engagement experiences we facilitated, I want to highlight one GPA partner in particular – Intel. In Intel’s words, their investment in GPA is about “Enabling the AV & UC Industry to deliver new, meaningful user experiences affecting tangible business outcomes”. Intel believes in GPA’s capacity to drive maturity and growth in the AV & UC industry. Of course that has a long term benefit to Intel, because they are at the heart of the innovative hardware developed by so many of our stalwart GPA partners – from Crestron to Logitech, LG to Microsoft, SMART to Jabra to name just a few.

While we all know Intel for the processors at the heart of most PC or Server engines, lesser known is the sheer volume of far less-complex and expensive workhorse “Gate Array” (FPGA) chips. But much of my excitement is at the other end of the complexity and innovation spectrum in terms of Intel’s Vision Processing Unit (VPU) solutions. These chips are at the heart of the computer vision and AI workloads that are transforming so many industries and workflows, and are already beginning to transform the collaboration user experiences and outcomes we all devote our lives to delivering.

Intel’s partnership enabled the thought leadership lunch session with Microsoft’s MTR strategy leader Ilya Bukshteyn, and our “Smart Workplace” panel discussion technology exploring strategies to power the Post-COVID workplace and employee experience. And outside of events, GPA works closely with Intel on initiatives through the Intel Partner Alliance program. On behalf of the global GPA community we thank you Intel for powering us and the industry.

If you’d like to understand more about how Intel-powered solutions can transform your business, and what the benefits are of specifying Intel-powered hardware – from monitoring to energy efficiency, security and upgrades, please email