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Let’s unite together
and think a bit outside the box
9-13 MAY 2022

Come join GPA at ISE 2022, where we will challenge what the trends and realities of the “new normal” in unifying people, space, and technology within the hybrid workplace. We will discuss enhancing customer and employee experience to attract attendance to the office, as well as how to better enable remote collaboration. We’ll bring the voices of GPA together with those of select invited customer guests, sharing ideas and priorities and driving innovation as only GPA can.


The Experiential Workplace – Where everywhere is a meeting space. 

Monday 9th May 4.15pm – 5.45pm
Melia Sarria Hotel, Barcelona

Work-from-home is now firmly established in the “new normal”, yet we all know the opportunity of having staff (and indeed customers) come to the office.  But what is it that will attract people to do so?  It’s clear the entire office “experience” will need to be substantially enhanced to overcome the convenience of the home office, but enabling human engagement and collaboration in all its forms must be at the core.  To do so however, our traditional definition of a “meeting” must evolve, with a recognition that “everywhere is a meeting space” in the new office construct.  Leading GPA voices from across the globe will tackle these topics and its implications and opportunities before we turn it over to the audience to discuss and drive further perspectives, ideas, and innovation as only GPA can. 

The foundations of a mature “smART WORKPLACE” ENTERPRISE STRATEGY

Wednesday 11th May, 12pm – 2pm
GPA Global Lounge – Room CC 4.1 at ISE.
Lunch will be provided. 

The modern, collaborative workplace is forever changed – in its purpose, in the employee and customer experience it must deliver, and how it needs to be managed.  While Smart Workplace translates to many as simply as Hot Desking, and that may be the most impactful immediate opportunity to pursue, building a flexible and dynamic foundation for a comprehensive Smart Workplace strategy and Infrastructure that can mature with you is critical to long term efficiency and opportunity.  Join leading GPA and industry thought leaders for their insights, experiences, and practical case studies before we turn exploration of the opportunities and challenges of creating a truly collaborative, experientially driven smart workplace over to you. 


Thursday 12th May, 12pm – 2pm
GPA Global Lounge – Room CC 4.1 at ISE.
Lunch will be provided.

“Out of adversity comes opportunity” proposed Benjamin Franklin.  The pandemic brought all sorts of compromise and pain, but it also forced “different” in so many ways we might never have been considered without it.  With new lenses and new foundations, where are the opportunities to embrace “different” in our search for “better”, and what practical things can we do to take advantage of them.  Having undertaken an internal exercise recently to challenge the session title question that brought surprising and exciting results and ideas, this first chance to bring together a diverse global audience together in a room seemed like the ideal opportunity to further the discussion with the perspectives of a wider group of diverse and progressive global voices. 


Join us at any time during the show to relax and engage with GPA teams and select vendor partners.
Happy hour also kicks off at 5.30pm daily. 

When: Tues, Wed & Thurs 11-13 May, 2022 – ISE Show Hours
Location: Room CC 4.1

Rekindle relationships and celebrate the return of the ISE show and its new beginnings in Barcelona.


When: Monday 9th May 2022 – 7pm – 9pm

Location: Quinto Quinta – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. 


Come and visit the GPA team at our stand where you will see the latest updates on Microsoft Teams, chat with our offices around the globe live and see the latest in Smart Building technologies. 

Location: Hall 2, Stand 2H700 – ISE Show hours 

Stand 3D-200
Stand 5K-620
Stand 7K-500
Stand 2E-300
Stand 3H-300
Stand 2D-200
Stand 2L-800
Stand 2E-300
Stand 3E-250
Stand 3B-350
Stand 3N-500
Stand 2L-340
Stand 3C-600
Stand 3E-400
Stand 2H-700
Stand 2G-450