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GPA is pleased to announce nine recipients of our 2024 Vendor Global Excellence Awards. GPA’s Global Vendor Excellence Awards are rewarded annually to the leading audio, video, and UC manufacturers and vendors who show the highest level of commitment to delivering a superior experience worldwide.

The Vendor Global Excellence Awards evaluate over forty technology vendors across the industry, focusing on their programs, support, solutions, and most importantly, their capacity to support a global enterprise program for GPA and its customers. To determine the award winners, key executives, sales, and engineering team members from all GPA’s Regional Business Units complete a comprehensive survey covering a range of key business delivery factors.

Each nominated vendor is rated in five categories: product innovation, technical support, sales and marketing programs, commercial flexibility, and commitment to global deployment and support programs. GPA then analyzes the results, and vendors exceeding a predetermined threshold receive the Vendor Global Excellence Awards. The insights gained from these surveys help both GPA and the vendors to enhance their common goal of delivering improved collaborative outcomes globally.

“We recognize that delivering our promise of global consistency and scalability relies heavily on the support of our vendor partners, who share this commitment. As an organization designed for global deployment, the data we collect during evaluations provides us with exceptional insight into our partners’ capabilities. We use this data to enhance and strengthen our design, procurement, deployment, and support processes for customers worldwide. Congratulations to all our 2024 recipients.”

Mike Stead – Director of Global Partnerships, GPA.



Biamp have been a close GPA partner for nearly a decade, and in that time GPA teams have come to trust their solutions and market leadership. Biamp’s spirit of innovation, quality and dependability is recognised in yet another GPA Global Excellence Award – congratulations to the whole Biamp family.

The award was accepted by Bart Freedman, VP of Sales and Andrew Wilson, National Key Account Manager for Biamp.


Crestron’s position as a market leader is recognised once more in a GPA Global Excellence Award – not only their uniquely-diverse solutions range, but their ability to innovate as market needs evolve. Thankyou Crestron, and congratulations on yet another GPA Award.

The Crestron award was accepted by Andy Bennett, SVP Commercial Sales and Matthew Aliseo, VP Global Enterprise Sales.

gpa and crestron partnership
gpa and lg partnership

LG are one of GPA’s longest-standing Partners, and the quality and innovation driving their market leadership brings huge value to GPA teams and customers alike. GPA congratulates LG on another well-deserved award.

The LG award was accepted by John Won, Division Leader & VP, ID Overseas Sales & Marketing Division.

gpa and jabra partnership

Jabra’s high-quality performance and dedication to global business and support brings huge value to GPA, and was recognized by the global team. GPA congratulates the entire Jabra family on their well-deserved award.

The award was accepted by Mario Rimini, Practice Manager of Global Video Partners and Andrew Pratt, VP Global Account Services for Jabra.

gpa and jabra partnership
gpa and logitech partnership
gpa and logitech partnership

Logitech’s portfolio of solutions are the backbone of many global programs – and their consistently-high standards and evolving offerings are recognised in this award. Congratulations to the whole Logitech team and thank you for your partnership.

The award was accepted by Crystal Ferriera, Global Channel Chief and Alliance Leader, and Anil Iype, Global Head of Business Development for Logitech

GPA teams consistently rate Q-Sys a dependable, innovative solution provider, who are constantly innovating to bring forward solutions to meet the needs of the modern workplace. This award is further proof that the Q-Sys family of people and solutions are worthy of global recognition, and GPA congratulates the whole QSC team.

The award was accepted by Joe Pham, CEO of QSC

gpa and q-sys partnership

Samsung feature in some of GPA’s largest global projects, and this award is testimony to Samsung’s global scale and ability to deliver. GPA congratulates the Samsung team and looks forward to deepening our global relationship, becoming even more aligned and ready to win global business together.

The award was accepted by Linda Braun, Executive Director of Samsung

Shure is a globally recognizable brand with an enviable reputation for performance and quality. GPA teams likewise recognise and congratulate Shure’s innovation and global reach with this well-deserved award, and GPA looks forward to closer alignment and partnership with the Shure team.

The award was accepted by Rob Smith and Kevin Smith, Senior Directors of Shure

gpa and shure partnership
gpa and sony partnership
gpa and sony partnership

Innovation, dependability and sustainability makes Sony a worthy recipient of this GPA Global Excellence Award. The deep relationships built over many years between the GPA and the Sony team is the basis for strong growth, and GPA congratulates the whole Sony family.

The award was accepted by Rich Ventura, Sony’s VP of Professional Display Solutions.